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Our Approach

We believe that the key to great financial planning is not our expertise in products like investments, pensions, and protection – this should be a given. Our real value lies in giving you complete confidence in your financial situation and knowledge that the plans we put in place will change your life for the better. Our unique four step process focusses on finding out what is really important to you, and how we can help ensure your assets support this.

Our first meeting will focus on understanding exactly what it important to you. We will offer you the opportunity to really think about this, without the distraction and influence of society, your friends and even your family. After all, only you can decide what you really want – and this will then form the basis of our relationship.

We will then work with you to put together a complete financial picture of where you are now. This will include analysis of all of your assets and also of your expenditure. Through the use of sophisticated forecasting software, we will then show you clearly what your financial future looks like. Most importantly, we can then start to see where the issues are in achieving everything you have told us is so important to you.

It is then our task to find out what can be done to make your wishes financially possible. Through our unique calculator, we can also show you the risks involved with any recommendation that we make – so that you can be fully informed before making any decision.

You can now sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are able to afford all the things that you want, without unnecessarily jeopardising what you will leave behind to your family. And you can rely on us to keep you on track.