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Protecting your Family

Sometimes life assurance isn't treated as seriously as investments by financial advisers. However, we believe that it is an essential part of your financial planning and, as such, we have exactly the same process for both.

As independent specialists in life assurance and income protection, we will recommend exactly the right solution for you - and at the most competitive cost.

1. Time to Think

It's never fun to think about the bad things that can happen - but none of us knows what is around the corner. So our first session is all about understanding the implications to your family of you not being there, or being unable to provide an income.

2. Time to Assess

We'll then establish exactly what the financial problems would be. For example, if your family is reliant on your income, exactly how much help will they need if you're not there - and for how long?

3. Time to Solve

There are many different protection options, but we'll recommend the solutions that provide the specific cover you need.

4. Time to Relax

You can then rest assured that, no matter what happens, your family will be financially secure.

Business Protection

Life Assurance also plays an essential role in protecting your business:

  • How would the business cope if its most valuable employee died?
  • If one of the directors of a company dies, what will happen to their shares?
  • If the business has any loans, will these be called in if a key person dies? If so, how will you raise the money?

Whether it's to provide funds to purchase shares when a director dies, or give the business a cash sum to compensate for loss of revenue, having life assurance can simply be the difference between a company surviving or not.

Download information on the different options available here:

'Rough Guide to Business Protection' 

or call us on 01342 826703 and we will be happy to advise you on the cover your business needs.